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Commercial law deals with the formation of contracts and agreements. Commercial law also deals with the sale and distribution of goods, business practices, financial transactions, consumer dealings, and commercial operations. 

Commercial law is generally centered around the sale and distribution of goods and the financing of specific transactions. It is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), a model set of laws dealing with the sale of goods and tangible things, leases, negotiable instruments, and secured transactions. Ohio has adopted a version of the Uniform Commercial Code, and almost every other state in the country has adopted its own version of the UCC. Due to the varying nature of each state’s adoption of the UCC, it’s helpful, if not essential, to hire an attorney experienced dealing with transactions under the UCC.

J.W. Krueger Law, LLC can help you with all your Commercial Law matters. Our attorneys have decades of experience in Commercial Law and in helping our clients grow and protect their businesses. 

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The Attorneys at J.W. Krueger Law, LLC Can Help You With All Your Commercial Law Needs.

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